Why Fetch?

Choose Fetch! for our experienced, vetted, animal loving pet sitters

Our Sitters Are Thoroughly Vetted

We do our due diligence when hiring to make sure every single one of our sitters is not only safe and reliable but that they have a true passion for pets and people.

  • All sitters pass a mandatory background check.
  • All sitters go through an in-depth interview process.
  • All sitters are required to provide any essential personal information.
  • All sitters are required to be bonded and insured.

Meet Your Sitter Before You Schedule

We believe that you and your pet should feel as comfortable as possible with your sitter before our scheduled service takes place. That’s why we offer a free in-home consultation before your first service begins. This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and make sure that this is a good fit.

You’ll Get The Same Trusted Sitter Every Time

When you schedule a service with us, we’ll partner you with a primary and back-up pet sitter based on your needs and schedule. You’ll have the chance to meet these nearby sitters and once you approve of them, we’ll assign them to your account. Any time you schedule services thereafter, you’ll receive care from your primary or back-up sitter. This way you know your pet is getting care from someone you (and they) know, trust, and like every time.

We’ve Earned a Glowing Reputation

With tens of thousands of satisfied clients nationwide, we’ve earned a solid reputation as the most trusted and reliable pet care service in the country. And it isn’t just Fetch as a company. Each of our sitters come with fantastic reviews of their own and our local owners are constantly reviewing feedback surveys to ensure it stays that way.

Your Local Sitters

Mauricio Familiar

Hi, I’m Mauricio Familiar, the proud local owner and operator of Fetch! Pet Care, servicing the area of Greater Boston area from the Town of Andover. With a focus on exceptional service and reliable care, I am excited to offer a wide range of services for client’s four-legged family members. I think working with and for pets is very noble and I am thrilled to bring topnotch pet care to families. I know pets are an important part of families and Fetch! will treat them as such when you are away!

Meet Our Sitters

Montse Familiar

Hi! I am Montse. I am a professional and reliable Pet Caregiver. I live in Lowell and my parents in Andover, so, I feel like in home around the area. I have loved animals since I was a little kid. I have had dogs, hamsters, lizards, bunnies and even little chinchillas. I like animals and hikes almost as much as your dog does.

Liam Kelly

Hello! My name is Liam Kelly I am a graduate from Northeastern University with a passion for pets. I’ve loved animals ever since I was a kid and have a lot of experience with animals as a Pet Care Giver. I’ve also rescued a beautiful cat (Maithai) for 2 years now! I’m best with dogs and cats but I am willing to work with any animal!

Savannah Saint Germain

Throughout her life, Savannah has taken care of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, lizards and fish. Her animal care experience includes pilling dogs and cats along with working with small and big dogs. Savannah enjoys spending time with her furry friends and looks forward to working with yours!! She loves working for Fetch! because she adores animals and is very trustworthy with your pet. Look at all the smiles she’s gotten! Emma loves baking and cooking as well as art and music. She enjoys watching movies as well BUT, her favorite pastime is taking care of animals.

Jeffrey Gallardo

As far back as I can remember I have been an animal lover. Dogs especially are my passion and melt my heart. I have worked in several different fields over the years but not until recently did I realize that I should take my love of animals and have that be my work. The unconditional love they show is something special. I am an owner of two adorable pugs and I have dog sat and walked dogs of my friends and family over the years.

My father always told me to follow your heart and passions, that if something feels right persevere and give all your effort to make that dream come true, and here I am!

Shira Frager

Hi! I’m Shira. I am a professional organizer who started organizing things for friends in 2019, and since then I run a professional organizing business called Set Things Straight. Although, putting things in order has been a skill of mine since I was young and I have enjoyed incorporating this into my work, I also love pets (dogs and cats and any type a small caged pets) who are part of the life of us.

I joined Fetch! Pet Care in 2022 because I also enjoy taking care of pets, sitting for them, and helping them and their owner to feel more settled in their homes. I love walking dogs and provide them companionship when it is time to warm up those muscles or relax.

Paola Ortiz

Hi! I am Paola,

I have lived with dogs all my life and I’ve dog sat for other people as well. I really love to be part of this team!

Christal Astudillo

Hi! I am Christal.

I studied Arts at Northern Essex Community College and earned a BA in the Southern New Hampshire University, because one of my passions is the Dance. But also, I’ve always had an adoration for all animals! If it were up to me I’d own as many as I could. I’ve always wanted to get into pet care but life somehow kept getting in the way with other plans. Now I have this great opportunity to make my dreams to come true.

Steven Becuti

Hi! I am Steve. I worked in the semiconductor industry for 40+ years and have been retired since beginning of 2020.

I like to surround myself with all animals as I truly believe it is a blessing to do so. I have been a dog owner my entire life along with a few cats and many tortoises while living in San Diego along the way. Currently, I volunteer at Nevins MSPCA multiple times a week caring for small animals and cats.

Recently, I had to assist my beloved Elsa – a 12 year old Rhodesian ridgeback – over the rainbow bridge which was difficult for me to say the least. Nevertheless, I gained much experience over the past 2 years with Elsa dealing with her numerous medical issues and assisting her and just being with her to make the quality of her life the best it could be.

Marisol Bolanos

Hi! I am Marisol. I have always been involved with animals and pets. I am a retired Zootechnic Agronomist Engineer that have worked in the nutrition field for animals during my whole professional life.

During my entire life I have loved been around pets. As a child my family had several dogs and other small caged animals. As a mother of three daughters, we also have had many pets, and usually it was me who had to take care of them all the time.

I joined Fetch! Pet Care in 2020 when my husband, Mauricio, brought the franchise to the Greater Boston area.

I really enjoy getting out of the routine and go out to walk dogs or sit other pets. I am trained and have experience administering medicine to all kind of pets, including Insulin injections, pills and gels.

Robyn Pennington

Robyn studied and earned a BA in English Language and Literature at the UC Santa Barbara, CA because one of her passions is to write editorials and all type of content. During her last 10 years of her career she has worked for radio broadcasting stations in California and more recently as a Content Strategist, until she moved to the Boston area and she still write and create content from home.  But another of her passions are the furry friends. She loves animals, particularly all of those that are friends with us, humans.

Although she currently does not have a pet, Robyn has had dogs and interacted with other type of pets in the past, including a few cats,  gerbils, and fish when she was a child. She was always a devoted caregiver for her pets. Nothing brings her more joy than being around animals, most especially dogs. Robyn would always strive to care for your pet as if they were her own.

Alli McInerney

Hi! I’m Alli,

I’m 25 and have 10 years of experience. I’ve worked on a farm, passed vet technology courses, and worked in a vet ER, three other veterinary hospitals and also Elliots House Pet Care. I walk my regular dogs from 11-2 each day. I hope to hear from you soon!